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I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing and flying Vancouver+. It’s such a unique program that you become totally immersed in the experience. I doubt there’s any better way to get a ‘feel’ for an area than by actually experiencing it through FS9. Yes, movies or videos of an area are 100% true-to-life, but you’re nothing more than a passive observer with that type of medium. With FS9 and programs like Vancouver+, you'll experience what it’s like to actually travel through, tour and become an active participant in a region that for many is just another name on a map. You'll experience it from the angle of your choosing, with time and weather being set by you; the now active, rather than the passive viewer. Granted, it's not a first-hand experience, but in my opinion it's the next best thing and Vancouver+ shines at taking you into its virtual world and showing you what it’s like to live in British Columbia. The manual states that you'd never go back to flying the default area once you've tried Vancouver+. This is certainly true and can easily be tested. In fact I flew to its most northern and eastern boundaries and crossed over from the Vancouver+ coverage area into the default FS9 area. The transition was startling! As I left Vancouver+ and entered into the default FS9 landscape, I left a world rich in colour, activity and a true-to-life rendition of the inherent beauty of the British Columbia wilderness and was met with repetitious textures and scenery.

Without hesitation or reservations, Vancouver+ warrants five out of five stars. It's a true tour de force of scenery design. Both authors have obviously worked hard to provide the end-user with a scenery program that is second-to-none and a program that has been designed to be enjoyed for countless hours on end. The attention to detail that’s been lavished upon Vancouver+ is evident regardless of where in the coverage area you decide to fly.

The high degree of accuracy and detail that Vancouver+ displays on your monitor guarantees that simmers that live in the area will see a beautiful re-creation of their native land while others like myself, who can only visit the area via the medium of a computer, will still be able to experience the beauty and wonders of this magnificent part of Canada's West Coast. Jon and Holger have a true artistic touch and if I had to describe Vancouver+ in just one word, that word would be ‘spectacular’!







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Larry Mudge

Larry is a relative late-comer to the sim community, having been ‘bitten by the flying bug’ in the fall of 2003. He’s better known as ‘Skinny Puppy’ on the forums and is a frequent and often vocal member of the Emma Field Flying Club. His most recent flight sim accomplishment was learning how to fly his PMDG 737 using the FMC. A production that was 2 years in the making and redefined the word procrastination! J

He has a large number of payware programs and enjoys flying the heavies and helicopters. When he’s not flying a heavy, he spends most of his flying time in the Pacific Northwest.


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